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Kristin and Ståle Soltvedt have 25 years experience in baking bread and making cakes, here in Spain and back in their native Norway. Moritz Bakery has now been open for 7 years in Torrevieja and they specialise in baking daily fresh bread, especially Norwegian bread, which if you haven’t tried you should, as it is tastier than normal bread. Kristin explained that it is the flour that makes the difference, the normal flour available here in Spain is weaker, which is why Spanish bread goes stale after one day, where as Norwegian bread lasts longer without any preservatives. The bread is very healthy especially the Danish Ray bread made with only ray-flour and sunflower seed, which is very good for diabetics. Gluten free bread and cakes are also specialities. In addition to bread, cakes and pastries are also a speciality, including Scandinavian favourites such as apple cake and the world famous Danish pastries. Wedding cakes can be commissioned and Moritz are happy to supply restaurants as well.

Tanto en España como en su Noruega natal, Kristin y Stale tienen 25 años de experiencia haciendo pan y pasteles. Durante los últimos 7 años en Torrevieja se han especializado en hacer pan diariamente, sobre todo el pan noruego, con un sabor más sabroso que el normal. Kristin nos explica que la diferencia está en la harina. La que se usa en España es más floja que la noruega y eso hace que dure más tiempo sin tener que poner conservantes. Además del pan, se especializan en pasteles y bollería como el famoso pastel de manzana escandinavo o los pasteles daneses. En Moritz también preparan tartas de boda y pueden suministrar a los restaurantes.
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